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Graphic Design & Advertising

Here on the second year at UCEN Manchester, formally known as The Manchester College I have 4 modules. To give some context here is their basic explanation.
Industry Practice
This module is all about developing my abilities so that I can tackle design problems head on when I have little or no time. This should encourage “creative spontaneity and focused scrutiny to realistic problems”. Deliverables include a studio book evidencing briefs, sketchbook demonstrating task and process, & mounted project outcome pieces. Tutor is Paolo Feroleto.
Specialist Practice
This website is a part of the module. For this module I am tasked to research into winning designs to get a better understanding of what makes a winner. Additionally I have to undertake a student competition and complete it demonstrating a real design cycle style. Deliverables include include a sketchbook demonstrating task and process, mounted project outcome pieces, & website presented online using a CMS system. Tutor is Alex Komlosy.
Personal Academic Development
The P.A.D. module is about working on yourself and focusing on how you go forward into Industry. There are a series of tasks to complete which are aimed to get detailed self-assessment and analysis of my academic, employability and transferable skills. This includes deliverables like research file/folder, mentor connections, personal development plan, report and a presentation. Tutor is Alex Jackson.
Self Directed Project
Here we have the final module which allows me to undertake my own self written brief. It is said that “Emphasis is placed on students’ abilities to; plan and self-manage, understand and employ the design cycle with clear results, prepare artwork and a physical final piece to commercial standards”. Some of the deliverables include sketchbook demonstrating task and process, research folder, final show pieces (physical outcomes), & presentation. Tutors are Paolo Feroleto and Alex Komlosy.

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