This was the first time for me using WordPress to properly design websites as opposed to just making a page with some posts. I think now is a good opportunity to show what i’ve learnt along the way to this submission.


Sean Park, an alumni student who freelances web-design has provided a theme called Salient which has a multitude of options to make it personalised.
Setting up the site is easy once you know where to look. To access and change all the settings go to the salient tab on the left hand side and select the presets you want to change. This includes social media links which is very useful.


I decided to delve into plugins as I wanted to find a site under construction system that stops people from seeing the website while it is under construction.
You can use a plugin called UnderConstruction and can chose a simple design and edit what the text says to suit your needs. Use social media links to send them on to other sites while its ‘down’.


Ensure the sitemap is created for ease of use. To ensure you have the right pages for your menu, create the menu design by going to Appearance > Menu > Create New Menu, and then set as Top Navigation Menu.

External Project URL

Enabling a feature whereby it passes through the portfolio post and into a separate page, So that it creates a cycle for the Reports.
Cycle can start on Reports (page) > click on one of the portfolio articles > directs the traffic to External Project URL > Wit in design. Neat little way to organise the user.

CSS Customisation

Making the site easily accessible is a high priority so I researched code for buttons that link URLs.
Salient offers button options but I couldn’t work out the colour combinations so I did is manually in the CSS. The code .button color=”see-through-2″ hover_text_color_override=”#fff” size=”large” url=”” text=”About” color_override=”#ffffff” hover_color_override=”” …allows a colour switch on hover. See home page for result. 

Final Touches

Just wrapping up the site with tweaks like ensuring titles have mouse based parallax designs attached and that the hyperlinks all still work and are intact. Running through site links.

Where to next?

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